In order to insure that each film is studied and rated on an individual basis, DOFIFF has instituted a system where entries do not compete against each other, but instead are recognized for their own individual merits.
For all intents and purposes, they compete against themselves:  each entry is judged on individual merits and scored on an inherent value system.

The judges focus is on your film when it is your turn to be evaluated, not on all the other films that are in cue: this insures that they will not have comparisons going on in their minds when they should be focusing entirely on YOU.

Judges score entries on a performance scale and winning entries are recognized and awarded not only for Best Of Show, but also for two Awards of Excellence levels, two Awards of Merit levels, a Kudos Endeavor Award, or no award.

Best of Show honors are granted to the top scoring entry/entries for each season;  Awards of Excellence are granted to entries with truly exceptional artistic and technical achievements; and Notable achievements are recognized at the Award of Merit and 'Kudos' award levels.

The number of awards granted at any given level will fluctuate based on the total number of entries received for each competition deadline.

To download your award seals/laurels, just right click on the corresponding laurel, select "Save image as" and save to your computer. Seals are Png format.

COMEDY (Domestic)
Chris Livingston
Best Lead Actor Brian Drolet
Best Direction
Best Editing
Best Ensemble Cast

"Our Nation"
DRAMA (Domestic Period)
Derrick Borte
Best Lead Actor: Connor Berry
Best Lead actress: Marsha Stephanie Blake
Best Supporting actor: Derrick Baskin and Kelly Miller
Best editor Soojin Chung

Best Scipt Writer: David Mallin
Best Cinematography David Mallin
Best Director Derrick Borte

ANIMATED (Foreign)
Alexis Chaviaras

"Dirty Beautiful"
(Domestic Romance Feature Film)
Tim Bartell
Best Direction
Best Editing
Best Sound
Best Ensemble Cast.

DRAMA (Domestic Feature)
Maksim Varfolomeev
  Best Cinematography
Best Actress: Anabella Casanova
Best Lead actor: Hoyt Richards
 Best editing

STUDENT (First Time Filmmaker)
Franziska Bršndle

Excellence Lead actress: Franziska Benz
Excellence Research
Excellence Supporting Actor: Werner Braunschadel
Excellence Script Writer:
Victor Schwarz &  Franziska Bršndle
Outstanding Excellence Sound Editing
Exceptional Merit Original Score
Outstanding Excellence SFX:Visual
Excellence Content/Message Delivery
Excellence VO Talent

"Paranormal Drive"
HORROR (Foreign)
Oleg Asadulin
Best Cinematography
Best editing
Excellence SFX Visual
Best Ensemble Cast

"Intrinsic Moral Evil"
LGBT (Foreign)
Harm Weistra
Outstanding Excellence: Choreography
 Outstanding Excellence: Editing
Outstanding Excellence: Cinematography

"A Hero In All Of us"
LOOSE SHORTS (Drama Domestic)
Travis Lupher
 Best Lead Actor: Austin Lupher
 Best Lead Actress: Ali Francis
Best supporting Actor: Will Beckingham
Best Director/Writer: Travis Lupher

WEBISODE (Domestic Sci-Fi Drama)
 Sarah Carson
Best Ensemble Cast

LOOSE SHORTS (Domestic Drama/Suspense)
Ashley Hudson
Best Lead actor: Wendy Miklovic Neisler
Award of Excellence: Set Design
Award of Excellence: Research
Best Supporting Actor: Dane Moreton
Best Director/writer: Ashley Hudson

"My Spicy Grandma"
STUDENT (Inspirational)
Tianwei wang
Best  Director: Tianwei Wang
Best Lead Actor: Grant Wild
Best Lead Actress: Cici Lau
Best Writing: Tianwei Wang

"Body Language Zone"
ART-HOUSE (Foreign)
Kim Saarinen
Best Editing
Excellence Lead Actress: Johanna Keinanen

STUDENT (Foreign Sci-Fi)
Kevin Luk
Best Director: Kevin Rachim Luk

A Faceless Faith Inspirational Outstanding Excellence
Acquiescence Student Outstanding Excellence
Best leading actors Charlotte Foote and Chopper Bernet - 
Akong A Remarkable Life Inspirational Outstanding Excellence - Best Content/Message Delivery and Editing
Baggage Loose Shorts Outstanding Excellence
Blasted Tight shorts Outstanding Excellence
Faces Of Santa Ana Inspirational Outstanding Excellence Best Content/Message Delivery
Ignition Zero Budget
Outstanding Excellence
La Liberacion de AIEXIS / The Discovery of Santos Documentary Outstanding Excellence
The Cross Animation Outstanding Excellence
The Engagement Student Outstanding excellence 
The Humpback Whales of Cape Verde Documentary Outstanding Excellence - Excellence Cinematography and editing
The Intimate Realities Of Water Documentary Outstanding Excellence - Best Content/Message Delivery
This Modern Man Is Beat Drama Outstanding Excellence
This Modern Man Is Beat Loose shorts Outstanding Excellence - Best supporting Actor Mercer Boffey
Best Lead Actor Jordi Vilasuso
Three Strikes Comedy Outstanding Excellence - Best Camera work
Best Lead Actor Dustin Roller
UnSlut: A Documentary Film Documentary
Outstanding Excellence - Best Content/Message Delivery 
Vancouver Rhapsody Drama Outstanding Excellence 

A Song For You Documentary Excellence
Amarapura Student Excellence - Best Content Message Delivery
American Highpoints Documentary Excellence - Excellence: cinematography and editing.
Apparition  Horror Excellence - Excellence: Theme Song
Ariana's Persian Kitchen TV Show Excellence
ATTO: An Adventure in the Amazon Student Excellence - 
Breaking In Dust Collector Excellence - Outstanding Excellence Leading Actress: Kathy Christopherson Excellence Leading actors: Leslie Caveny and Dennis Howard
Chippy Tight shorts Excellence
Claws Tight Shorts Excellence
Consolation Drama Excellence
Cotton String Comedy Excellence
Granddad's House Tight shorts Excellence
Outstanding Excellence Leading Actor/Best facial expressions: Simon Trinder
Halcyon Heights Drama Excellence
I'm A Star Inspirational Excellence - Best Lead actress: Natasha Dematra
In-between Art-House Excellence - Best lead actors: Malte Milner Find and Clara Drenck
Insomnium Horror Excellence - Excellence lead actor Brad Pennington
Best Director Scott Powers - Excellence: Cinematography
Exceptional Merit: Score - Best Supporting Actor: Clint Browning
Life as it is Student Excellence - 
Naropanishath Inspirational Excellence - Excellence: Content/ Message Delivery
Best Lead actress: Shambu Menon Best Supporting Actor: Gouri Krishnan
NightSong Loose Shorts Excellence - Best Cinematography and editing
Penrose Triangle Student Excellence
Perception Loose shorts Excellence - Excellence: Cinematography and Direction
Postmodern Pioneer Plaque, The
Art House
Excellence: Arthouse short
Excellence: Message Delivery
She(s) Tight Shorts Excellence
Silent City Art House Excellence - Exceptional Merit: Cinematography and editing
Take Me To Church By Luca Pittalis Student Excellence
TEXTE A TROUS Tight Shorts Excellence
The Book Of Judith Tight Shorts Excellence - Excellence: Cinematography and Direction
Excellence Lead Actress: Oksana Chester
The Culinary Traveler Webisode Excellence
The Finders  Inspirational Excellence
The Intimate Realities of Water Inspirational Excellence  - Excellence: VO Talent -
Outstanding Excellence: Content/Message Delivery - Excellence: Editing
While They Watched Documentary Excellence
Who I Am Student Excellence - Best Lead Actor: Paul O'Dea
Best Lead actress: Adele James -  Best Director: Monika Wilksynska
Yellow Loose Shorts Excellence - Best Cinematography and editing
ZEITGEIST PROTEST Drama Excellence - Best Director: Christophe Karabache

(Little) Red Riding Hood Tight Shorts Exceptional Merit
A Womb of Their Own LGBT Exceptional Merit
Arc de Bar√ƒ  Zero Budget Exceptional Merit
Attached At The Soul Student Exceptional Merit -  Excellence: Direction and ensemble
Before Dawn, After Don Student Exceptional Merit
Burning Soul Student Exceptional Merit
Capsule Sci-Fi Exceptional Merit  - Exceptional Merit:Cinematography
Cooking With Love Documentary Exceptional Merit
Dark Rooms Student Exceptional Merit
Derailed Horror Exceptional Merit
Dongmei Loose Shorts Exceptional Merit
Dorkcore Zero Budget Exceptional Merit
Fighter Kites Student Exceptional Merit
Forgiveness Documentary Exceptional Merit
Hunter's Fall Tight shorts Exceptional Merit  - Best Lead actor: Ben Condron
Hush Student Exceptional Merit
Kaddish! Tight shorts Exeptional Merit - Exeptional Merit: Originality
Le Pardon Tight Shorts Exceptional Merit
Life & Art Entangled Loose Shorts Exceptional Merit
Please Turn Over Inspirational Exceptional Merit
Rebecka, portrait of a mother Student Exceptional Merit
Reviviscere Drama Exceptional Merit
see you in my art Inspirational Exceptional Merit
Single To London Zero Budget Exceptional Merit
Surrender Tight shorts Exceptional Merit -  Excellence Script/Writer:  Mark Renshaw  Excellence: Original Score: Zaalen Tallis
Best Lead Actor: Aram Hekinian
The Conversations…A journey to Path to Origin Art-House Exceptional Merit
The Conversations…A journey to Path to Origin Inspirational Exceptional Merit
The Fawn Response Student Exceptional Merit
The Last Note Loose Shorts Exceptional Merit
To Our Freedom Regained Tight Shorts Exceptional Merit
VerseAtility III: Rewind Documentary Exceptional Merit
What Remains Art-House Exceptional Merit
With Love from Suffolk Zero Budget Exceptional Merit
Excellence in a Zero Budget Feature: Cinematography. 
Within the Without Drama Exceptional Merit
Zephyr Zero Budget Exeptional Merit

#DateNightMovie Tight Shorts Merit
[Re] Defined Student Merit
A Dance For G Knight Tight Shorts Merit
Anima Webisode Merit
another day in paradise Animation Merit
Appetites or The Insisting Tickle Of The Starving Soul Student Merit
As a Guide Tight Shorts Merit
Dorkcore Comedy Merit
Dorkcore Webisode Merit
Drive Through Art House Merit
Freedom Gate Tight Shorts Merit
Globuline's Game Art House Merit
Habitat Student Merit
He Said What Now? Tight shorts Merit
Honey, I'm Home Student Merit
Insomnia Tight Shorts Merit
Jane and the House of Miracles Drama Merit
jimmy Loose Shorts Merit
Kiss Of Death Student Merit - Excellence:Sound Editing 
Kumal Horror Merit
Life Is Funny Tight Shorts Merit
Message INA Bottle Tight Shorts Merit
Meteor Tight Shorts Merit
Mission: Apo11o Tight Shorts Merit
Mosyo (Monsieur) Documentary Merit
Movement Part 6 "Underwater" Tight shorts Merit
Now Art House Merit -
Outstanding Excellence Lead actress: Judith Roberts
Poultice Art House Merit
Repeat Tight Shorts Merit
Scenes Of Winter Student Merit
see you in my art Zero Budget Merit
Slayer A.D. Loose Shorts Merit
Square One Inspirational Merit
The Day The Stars Turned Red Zero Budget Merit
The Intruder Student Merit
The Love Archive Student Merit
Underground Artist Student Merit
Wendy Tight Shorts Merit
What Happens Now Student Merit

B.F.F Drama
Distance Zero Budget Kudos
For The Love Of Blood Tight Shorts Kudos
MATCH.KOM Student Kudos
Mirror Inspirational Kudos
Pride Bound Student Kudos
Test Drive Tight Shorts
William's Witches Loose Shorts Kudos

Art Of Deception Original Score Excellence: Original Score
Scriptorium Set Design Excellence: Set Design